About this awesome piece of software

Graphical Resolver of T4s, in short also known as GRoT>, is a computational software based on Finite Element Method FEM applied to linear static calculation of structural strength in state of plane stress or strain. Its most unique function is fun and easy input of geometry of models, taken directly from an image saved as bitmap file and prepared in any graphic editor.

Are you crazy with this name?

Name of the software is an extension, rather quite badly fitted to english, of an acronym GRoT>. This abbreviation was derived from the full former polish name Graficzny Rozwiązywacz Tarcz. Greater-than symbol was added to this acronym, due to the fact that the polish word grot means arrowhead. Word tarcze, which can be translated to english as shields or disks, is a jargon term of 4-node constant strain rectangle elements T4. How to spell that name? Very easy! Just look at IPA pronunciation key /ɡrɔt/.

Unique features

Possibilities of the software are presented in the short list below. Every feature, method and piece of code were included in this project, due to particular reasons. If you, fellow reader, are curious about that, do not hesitate to contact with me.


As a geek and enthusiast of all engineering calculations, I would be happy to talk to you, dear reader of this website, if you have any questions or comments. I work as a FEA and CFD engineer and I spend most of my time dealing with analysis of steel structures and flows in hydraulic equipment. In my freetime I try to force Python programming langauge to cooperate with me in the field of numerical analysis. I will be really happy if you contact me: I wish you errorless calculations, so that more time will be spent considering what is really calculated!